Trauma & Emergency Health Systems Committee

Leadership Panel:
Meeting Occurs:

Responsibilities of the committee include:
  • Review regional process and make recommendations to accomplish DSHS RAC Assessment Criteria
  • Focus on regional performance improvement for trauma, stroke, cardiac, perinatal, and emergency healthcare operations
  • Provide ongoing performance assessment and improvement activities designed to optimize patient care (i.e., education, injury patterns, and specialty care).
  • Create and document (as written the Emergency Healthcare Systems Plan) an organized emergency healthcare system to provide optimal care and outcomes
  • To optimize patient outcomes and system efficiencies for field transport and inter-facility transfers.
  • Develop system performance standards through shared quality and improvement data and processes
  • Enhance and maintain regional and state relationships for collaboration, updates, and advances on optimal patient care
  • Advise and promote consistency and best practices
  • Distribute and communicate pertinent information to other committees
  • Oversee Trauma Workgroup
  • Oversee STEMI Workgroup
  • Oversee Stroke Workgroup
  • Oversee Emergency Department Operations Workgroup
  • Oversee Perinatal Workgroup

Current Projects: