Executive Director / CEO: Douglas Havron, RN, BSN, MS
Executive Assistant: Nancy Roller
Director of Operations: Melissa Hamaker
Healthcare Coalition Program Manager and Healthcare Coalition Coordinator for HCC-O: Kelly Isham, LP
Healthcare Preparedness Coordinator for HCC-L: Adam Stocking
Healthcare Preparedness Coordinator for HCC-M: Briana Pizarro, MBA
Healthcare Preparedness Coordinator for HCC-N: Herman Iles
Emergency Medical Task Force Coordinator, Region 7: Daniel Sturdevant, BS, AAS, LP, EMS-I
Senate 8 Bill Education and Recruitment: Rayse Richardson, EMT-P
Emergency Operations Specialist: Branden Thorpe
Emergency Healthcare Systems (EHS) Program Manager: Rachel Lindsay, EMT-P, NEMBA
Emergency Healthcare Systems (EHS) Program Administrator: Kat Knight
Data Analyst: Jasmine Castañeda de Morales
Financial Controller: Alesia Palmer, MBA, MAcc
Accounting Specialist: Sarah Mamo

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