Education / Injury Prevention Committee

Chair: Rhonda Manor-Coombes
Meeting Occurs:

Responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Facilitate educational opportunity for members based upon committee and Board goals, as well as DSHS RAC Assessment Criteria
  • Receive and review educational and training opportunities presented to the committee
  • Provide a resource/calendar of educational offerings for members
  • Provide education scholarships/sponsorships/subsidizations for members based on application, need and funding availability
  • Plan, organize and implement training programs based organizational goals and funding availability
  • Collect and review injury data and literature to support evidence based/informed prevention strategies
  • Establish, monitor, and effectively communicate an approach to address injury risks
  • Communicate availability and/or host training and professional development opportunities
  • Develop recommendations for allocation of resources/funds to support evidence based/informed injury prevention and education strategies
  • Collaborate with staff to ensure responsible stewardship of evidence based/informed injury prevention

Current Projects: