CAMOC Regional Response

The Capital Area Medical Operations Center (CAMOC) is fully activated in response to regional and local Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases. The CAMOC is open daily 0700 to 1900 (with on-call personnel available 24/7) and will extend operational periods as needed going forward. The CAMOC is fully operational with staff from CATRAC, Hospitals, Public Health, EMS and other regional partners. As situation dictates these hours will be expanded as well as staffing.


Please remember to update EMResource to include hospitals and EMS systems.

Resource request can be sent via WebEOC.

We encourage everyone to visit for guidance.

PPE Requests

Healthcare providers, EMS, and First Responders should follow their normal processes of trying to locate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with their regular vendors and exhaust all possible options. PPE supplies are extremely limited within our region.

If you have exhausted all means possible, you may submit a PPE Request Form with the CAMOC. Completion of this form does not guarantee that your agency/facility will receive supplies.