Serving Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Fayette, Hays, Lee, Llano, San Saba, Travis and Williamson Counties


Executive Director: Dave Reimer
Deputy Director: Robin Wiatrek
Emergency Preparedness & Response Coordinator: Ron Weaver
Emergency Preparedness Planner: Glenn Spradlin
Emergency Operations Specialist: Brett Shryock
Data & Information Specialist: Pamela Wolfe
Accounting Specialist: Evelyn George
Administrative Coordinator: Melissa Hamaker

Executive Board Members

Representing Current Representative Term Commenced Term Expires
Bastrop County James "Scooter" Green 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Blanco County Ben Oakley 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-18
Burnet County Darlene Parker (Secretary) 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Caldwell County VACANT 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
Fayette County Sharon Muzny (Treasurer) 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
Hays County Ken Strange 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-18
Lee County Rodney Mersiovsky 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
Llano County Cristy Knapp 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
San Saba County Eric Thibodeaux 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Travis County Adam Johnson 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Williamson County Mike Knipstein 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Lead Facility Dr. Jayson Aydelotte (Chair) 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Non-lead Facility Karla Hosick 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Pediatric Facility Diana Kraus 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-19
Pre-hospital Scott Fernandes 1-Jan-17 31-Dec-18
Trauma Physician Dr. Ernest Gonzalez (Vice Chair) 20-April-16 31-Dec-17
Registered Nurses Kimberly Gill 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
At-Large Dr. Ira Wood 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17
Rural Physician VACANT 1-April-16 31-Dec-17
Lead Pediatric Facility Diana Kraus 1-Jan-16 31-Dec-17

Video: What Every Non-Profit Board Member Needs to Know (requires Windows Media Player)

Executive Board Meeting attendance (rev. 1/2016)

* Board position terms are two years, commencing on January 1.
* All Board Members will be elected/re-elected at the October General Membership Meeting prior to expiration of their term.
* Officers of the Board will be elected at the December Executive Board Meeting and will assume office at the end of the December meeting.
* Newly elected Board members will be required to attend November and December meetings in preparation for new position beginning in January.

Reviewed: April 2016