BinaxNOW Test Kits

Abbott BinaxNOW rapid antigen tests are available through the CAMOC to all EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement agencies/departments and local jurisdictions


If ANY agency that falls into the categories listed above want to request BinaxNOW tests, they first must do the following three steps:

  1. Complete the spreadsheet to register their agency as a “Test Site”.  If an agency has more than one site they plan to test at each address needs to be listed on the spreadsheet. Once completed, the spreadsheet needs to be emailed to  A notification will be sent once registration is complete.
  2. While waiting on registration notification, go to and complete the BINAXNOW Training Module (Binax – 300) which is currently on the home page.  This 15 minute program explains how to use the test and how to use the to register each employee and track their testing.  This is critical to this program of free testing that everyone who gets tested MUST be logged into the App for accurate testing counts. 
  3. Once registration and training is complete, order requests can be made to the CAMOC via the BinaxNOW test kit request form.
The kits come with 40 tests per box and 16 boxes per case. If you are going to be doing testing at more than one location, please order the appropriate numbers of boxes. Each box has 40 tests, but only ONE reagent bottle so you cannot split a box between multiple locations.


All requests are subject to approval and limited to 10,000 kits per agency. If an agency wishes to request more than 10,000 test kits, they will need to submit a STAR request with their local EMC.



Information and Resources

BinaxNOW Test Kit Fact Sheet

CMS Memorandum QSO-20-38-NH